21. Juni 2012

Forever and ever, sincerely yours

Musik, die mein Herz höher schlagen lässt. Texte, die mein Herz bewegen. 

» My love, I guess you will never read these lines. I don’t think you will ever hear this melody, of you and me. ‘Cause you’ve never cared. But the truth is I’m so afraid of being forgotten. Of being just, one of many songs, buried in your head. And now I close my eyes, to dream away. Till the rhythm melts my bones and my body starts to shake. And I scream out everything. Please tell me anything. ‘Cause there was nothing I could say that keeps you here with me. And I will love you to the end my dear. And when the hell gates open I’ll be there. To pick you up and take you home. I know we’ve said goodbye, but it’s not easy to let go.It’s never easy. And now you’re standing next to me and my pulse starts to race, as my eyes search for brightness left in your face. But there is nothing left and I won’t say a word. Please don’t say anything, ‘cause this was everything. TO LOSE A LOVE DOES NOT MEAN TO LOSE LOVE. We were so young at the first time, but time moved on. And now you’re 22 and I’m still stuck in my 18teens. But this is how its always been, when both our lips collide. But the beat goes on and the beat goes on. Forever and ever in this song. But the beat goes on, but the beat goes on and on. Forever and ever, sincerely yours. «

1 Kommentar:

  1. danke schön ! =)
    ich werde noch auf jeden fall ein foto posten :)
    oh direkt gegenüber wie toll *.*
    ich glaub dann würden die mich immer sehen so bald ich etwas geld in der tasche hätte:D:D:D
    ich hab 350 euro bezahlt. hatte mit mehr gerechnet! bin also absolut zufrieden :)
    geh hin! ist echt n super laden